Friday, May 27, 2016


Confederate news
Daily update
Washington Post
WBRC FOX6 News -
Confederate flag supporters confront Gov. Bentley at Wilsonville - WBRC FOX6 News ...
Supporters of the Confederate flag continue to push Governor Robert Bentley to bring the flags back to the Confederate Memorial in Montgomery.
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Morganton News Herald
Confederate flag about hate, not honor
Our little local town of Glen Alpine has decide that it is okay to fly a flag, yes that Confederate Flag that is once again in the news, “to honor the soldiers ...
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In Red Carpet Fashion, Aunjanue Ellis Beseeches President Obama to Remove Mississippi Flag
Mississippi is the only state with a flag that still explicitly incorporates the Confederate battle symbol. In 2001, state citizens voted against a referendum ...
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The Sun
Stunning pics reveal the 'lawless' (and very muddy) Redneck Yacht Club where thousands of ...
A PHOTOGRAPHER who has snapped Oscar winners has delved into the lives of Florida Rednecks who proudly display the confederate flag.
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Elementary students meet on battlefield
The men and women of the Confederate Army were at the ready, champing at the bit to attack the Union stronghold of Fort Sumter. It was on this ...

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Private Samuel H. Wilhelm of I Company,
 4th Virginia Infantry Regiment, the 
Stonewall Brigade, with knife.Died as 
POW of acute diarrhea at Fort Delaware, 
Del., on September 22, 1863.
(Liljenquist Family Collection, Library of Congress)

[Richmond Daily Dispatch, May 26, 1862]
Another victory in the Valley.
     It was announced yesterday early in the day that a dispatch had been received, giving intelligence of a victory over the enemy by the forces under Gen. Jackson. Upon inquiry at the Departments, we learned that no official information of an engagement had been received, but that it was generally believed that our forces had encountered a body of the enemy at Front Royal, in Warren County, and had routed them, capturing several pieces of artillery, a large quantity of ordnance stores, and a considerable number of prisoners.
      From a gentleman who left Staunton yesterday morning we learn that a courier from the army of Gen. Jackson arrived at that point on Saturday evening, and brought dispatches to Gen. Johnson, substantially confirming the above statement. Information received from private sources deemed entirely worthy of credit, assure us that Gen. Jackson was within four miles of Front Royal on Friday morning, and the town was occupied by about 1,500 Federal troops. We presume that it was this force with which he had the engagement reported, and the hope is reasonably entertained that he had succeeded in bagging the whole party. There is no probability that "old Stonewall" will permit the Yankees to stagnate during their sojourn in the Valley, if he is permitted to continue his operations against them.
      We learn from a gentleman who left Winchester in the early part of last week, and succeeded in flanking the Yankee pickets, that the unscrupulous scamps have commenced a system of incendiarism in that town and the counties of Jefferson and Clarke. During the week they burned the Medical College in Winchester, in which was deposited the carcass of John Brown's worthless son, who met his deserved fate at Harper's Ferry. Denning's regiment of Cincinnati Dutch, which rendered itself notorious in Hampshire co. last winter, by burning and wantonly destroying everything within reach, had gone down into Clarke and Jefferson, and from lights continually observed in that direction, from Winchester, it was believed that they were indulging their favorite mode of warfare, by applying the torch to the property of defenceless citizens. A few evenings before our informant left Winchester, a brilliant light was noticed in the direction of Charleston, and apprehensions were entertained that the town had been fired by the desperadoes.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

BIG NEWS FROM THE CONFEDERACY -- England and the Confederate States, May 22, 1861.

Northern fears of European intervention in the Civil War on behalf of the South are manifest here.Uncle Sam, in the form of a bearded Union soldier (closely resembling Abraham Lincoln), unceremoniously routs John Bull from a fenced garden where the latter has been poaching. Grabbing him by the scruff of the neck, Sam warns, "John, You lost your Non-interfering Principle. I'll lay it on your back again." (Library of Congress)
[Richmond Daily Dispatch]

England and the Confederate States.

      Views of an Irish Journal.--The Dublin Morning News, of the 7th inst., contains an editorial on the troubles in this country. It denounces the resolution of the Confederate States to fit out privateers, and thinks that an energetic protest from the maritime powers will put a stop to it. The News then proceeds.
      It is now quite plain that in this quarrel, despite all that has been said and written about slavery, England sides with the Confederate States. She does so, indeed, compelled by the strongest motives of self-interest. Her cotton manufactures cannot flourish, or even exist, without the usual supplies of raw material from the South. The North has just adopted a Protectionist Tariff, very unfavorable to English interests, and, in resisting the enforcement and extension of this prohibitory traffic, the South is virtually fighting England's battle. --Still more, the jealousy of the United States, as a maritime power, is a fixed principle of British statesmanship; and we may be certain that the news of the blow just inflicted on a navy which, in some respects, was formidable to England, has given satisfaction, not loud but deep, to the great bulk of Englishmen. It is so easy to bring about a collision, and, under present circumstances, it would be so safe and advantageous for England to pick a quarrel with the Government of the United States, that we shall not be surprised to find. Her Majesty's Government assuming a position with regard to this civil broil which may easily lead to war. That they will allow the cotton supply to be cut off by the blockade of the Southern ports, is hardly to be expected.
      Doubtful questions of right are easily and promptly settled when there is no doubt about the question of force. The burning of Gosport dockyard has, for the moment, placed the United States Navy at England's mercy; and if, on this occasion, England is found to spare a rival and foe, we must be nearer to the Millennia than is popularly supposed. The decisions announced to the House of Commons by Lord J. Russell point strongly in the direction of a rupture between England and the United States. Lord John declared that the British Government would not recognize the blockade proclaimed of the Southern ports unless it were made effective, but that they did recognize the legality of the letters of marque issued by President Davis. Now, the Washington Government threatens to treat the holders of these letters of marque as pirates, and unless the spirit of Yankeeland has sunk very low, they will probably show fight also on the blockade question. It is evident that Lord John knew more about this matter than he chose to communicate to the House and the public. And it is also evident that no more favorable occasion than the present is likely to offer for striking a blow at one of the few maritime rivals England has cause to dread.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Confederate News--May 21, 2006

Confederate news
Daily update May 21, 2016

Louisville's twisted Civil War story & the Confederate statue
Louisville's twisted Civil War story & the Confederate statue ... Historian Keith Runyon points out, “We made both union and confederate uniforms here. ... in fact the newspapers at the time say union veterans, federal supporters, are ...
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Dearborn Press and Guide
Federal legislators vote on medical marijuana for veterans, confederate flag ban
Federal legislators vote on medical marijuana for veterans, confederate flag ban ... Some have tainted the Confederate flag with thoughts of racism.
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Attorney plans protests support Confederate mascot.
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Dallas Morning News
Lawmakers vote down LGBT rights measure, pass limit on confederate flag displays
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Shouts of "Shame, shame, shame," erupted in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday as Republican lawmakers ...
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Moss Point attorney taking Mississippi State Flag issue to Washington
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Attorney Carlos Moore plans to extend his battle to remove the Mississippi State flag bearing the Confederate battle emblem to ...
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Caddo Commissioner pushes to replace Confederate monument
Caddo Parish Commissioner Ken Epperson wants to replace the Confederate Monument at the Caddo Parish Courthouse with one honoring the ...