Sunday, May 9, 2010


Alexandre Mouton House,
Lafaytte, Louisiana
(Photo by Mike Jones)
By Mike Jones
     A excellent living history demonstation by reenactors of the War For Southern Independence was held at the Alexandre Mouton House in Lafayette Saturday, May 8. The host reenactment unit was the Pelican Artillery, and was supported by the 18th Louisiana Infantry/114th New York Infantry as well as a number of individual reenactors who did speciality impressions.

Brig. Gen. Alfred Mouton
(Alexandre Mouton House)
     The house was the home of Gov. Alexandre Mouton (1804-1885), who also served as a state legislator and Speaker of the House of Representatives, and as U.S. Senator. Mouton was also president of the Louisiana Secession Convention. During the  War For Southern Independence, the Northern invaders seized his plantation and used his house as their headquarters. His son, Alfred, was a Confederate general, and lost his life in the Battle of Mansfield, La. on 8 April 1864.
    Among the displays in the house are several pictures of General Mouton and the general's sword. There is also a signed copy of the Louisiana Ordinance of Secession.
    At the living history demonstration, a full size artillery piece and caisson were on display. Infantry re-enactors give demonstrations of military drills, marching and firing procedure. Mrs. Susan Jones played traditional Southern songs on her viola in the music rooms. Other specialty impressions included Fred Adolphus as a Confederate officer; Jason Thibodeaux and Larry Young as civilian northerners and Michael Jones as a zouave soldier with Company B (Tiger Rifles) of the 1st Special Battalion, Louisiana volunteers, among others.

Capt. Cory Bonin,left, of the 18th Louisiana Infantry put his
unit through its paces at the Mouton house living history.

Mrs. Susan Jones playing traditional Southern music in the music room of the Mouton house.

Michael Jones portraying a member of Company B, 1st Special Battalion, Louisiana Infantry at the Mouton house living history demonstration.

The Confederate Battle-flag -- Long may it wave!

The 10-pounder Parrott rifle of the Pelican Battery
Louisiana Light Artillery.

(All the above photos by Mike Jones and Susan Jones)

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