Sunday, August 29, 2010

150-YEARS-AGO -- 1860 ELECTION CAMPAIGN -- Breckinridge & Lane

(BATON ROUGE DAILY ADVOCATE, excerpt from UT Tyler digital archives]

Mansfield, La., Aug. 28th, 1860.

Vice President John C. Breckinridge
(Library of Congress)
Messrs. Editors—By request, herewith I enclose to you the proceedings of a mass meeting held in this place, on Saturday the 25th inst., for publication, which I hope will find place in your columns.

It was truly one of the largest political gatherings I ever witnessed in Northwest Louisiana. The Democracy of De Soto are "up and adoing" their level best for Breckinridge and Lane. Many Old Line Whigs, too, and some of them men of talent and influence, have come out boldly for Breckinridge and Lane.

The Douglasites are scarce indeed in this parish. Within the range of my acquaintance I know not one.

The Belleveretts are making some ado about a meeting they are to have in this place on Saturday next, the 1st September, but from the small force they have on parade, I think the largest show they can exhibit, will be the show bills they have posted around town notifying the Order that the Cow-bells are coming, etc.

It seems to all appearances in this parish, we have but little to do, but like faithful stewards, we wish to do that little well, and when the 1st of November comes, we will send up a majority for Breckinridge and Lane by hundreds larger than ever was given by this parish before.

B. F. J.

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