Monday, October 18, 2010

150-Years-Ago: South Carolina Getting Ready for Secession

[Excerpt from UT Tyler Digital Archives]
A you Southerner wearing a secession
cockade. (9th plate ambrotype M.D. Jones

DAILY ADVOCATE [BATON ROUGE, LA], October 22, 1860, p. 2, c. 5

South Carolina is Arming.—We are glad to see the people of our State everywhere preparing for the crisis which is at hand. As an offset to the "Wide-Awakes" of the North, "Minute Men" are organizing in all the principal districts of South Carolina. Their object is to form an armed body of men, and to join in with our fellow citizens, now forming in this and our sister States as "Minute Men," whose duty is to arm, equip and drill, and be ready for any emergency that may arise in the present perilous position of the Southern States. In Kershaw, Abbeville and Richland Districts the organization is already complete and powerful, embracing the flower of the youth, and led on by the most influential citizens. The badge adopted is a blue rosette, two and a half inches in diameter, with a military button in the centre, to be worn upon the side of the hat. Let the important work go bravely on, and let every son of Carolina prepare to mount the blue cockade.

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