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The New Orleans Daily True Delta
May 3, 1861

Pvt. Edwin Francis Jemison of Company C,
Pelican Greys, 2nd Louisiana Infantry, was
among the early war volunteers in New Orleans.
He was killed in action at the Battle of Malvern
Hill, Virginia on July 1, 1862. (Library of Congress)
      The steamer J.F. Pargoud, which arrived this morning,brought down from Columbia the Caldwell Guards, from Caldwell parish, La. They number 110 men, rank and file. The following is a list of their officers:
     Captain W.L. Gunnells; first lieutenant, T.J. Evans; second lieutenant, S.B. Fislett; third lieutenant, T.G. Humbell; first sergeant, J.J. Stringer; second sergeant, J.A. Brinton; third sergeant, H.M. Guffey; fourth sergeant, W.S. Stutson; first corporal, T.J. Broadway; second corporal, T.J.  Blythe; third corporal, J.C. Bridger, jr.; fourth corporal, W.D. McCary.
     The steamer Milton Rolf arrived this morning, having on board the Winne Rifles, Capt. Pierson, from Winne parish, La. They number 86 men, rank and file.

The Monroe Rifles
     This company, which is rapidly organizing, meets every evening at their headquarters, corner of Julia and Foucher streets. Parties desiring to join the corps will be accepted by calling at the rendezvous. A good chance is here offered for joining a stirring company.

Formation of Second Volunteer Regiment of Louisiana.
     This regiment has been organized, and is composed of the following companies:
     Crescent City Guards, Capt. Hall; Orleans Southrons, Capt. Peck; Southern Cadets, Capt. Cormick; Jackson R.R. Rifles, Capt. Williams; Louisiana Greys, Capt. Drumond; Chalmette Life Guards, Capt. Shaw; Bienville Guards, Capt. Moore; Orleans Cadets, Capt. Hobday; Delta Rifles, Capt. Breen; Sarsfield Rifles, Capt. O'Hara; Jefferson Rifles, Capt. Dreux; Diamond Rifles, Capt. Monaghan.
     At half-past 11 o'clock the following regimental officers were unanimously elected, Col. Louis Lay presiding; Colonel Theodore G. Hunt; lieutenant colonel, Henry Forno. Maj. W.T. Dean has already held that position, and no election was necessary. Col. Hunt stated that the regiment would be accepted at once.

[Blog editor's note: Col. Lay became lieutenant colonel of the 6th Louisiana; Col. Hunt became colonel of the 5th Louisiana; Lt. Col. Forno succeeded Hunt as colonel of the 5th Louisiana, and Maj. Dean was promoted to lieutenant colonel of the 5th Louisiana after Forno was promoted. Most of these companies became part of the 5th Regiment rather than the 2nd.] 

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