Saturday, January 5, 2013


The recently refurbished 1911 Confederate Monument
in front of the Galveston Courthouse. It was rededicated
in June 2012.

Here are some photographs of historic sites in Galveston related to the Battle of Gavleston by Mike Jones.

Another view of the Confederate Monument.

The Hendley Building, seen here, played a prominent role
in the battle. The first shot of the battle was fired from near
here at 20th and Strand by General Magruder.
Scars of the battle are still
visible on the building.

A view of Galveston Harbor and the approximate
location of Kuhn's Wharf, which no longer exists.
It is not far from the Hendley Building at 20th and
Strand. The main part of the Battle of Galveston
was fought in this area.

The 1861 Custom House at Post Office Street, now the
headquarters of the Galveston Historical Foundation at
520 20th Street, suffered damage in the battle. It is
beautifully restored.

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