Friday, May 24, 2013


Lt. Gen. R. S. Ewell
(Library of Congress)
The Richmond Daily Dispatch
June 1, 1863

The following letter from a member of Hays's Louisiana brigade, gives some idea of the satisfaction in the army at the appointment of Gen. Ewell to the command of Gen. Jackson's old corps:
Camp near Hamilton's Crossing,
May29th, 1863.
For some time past considerable interest was manifested throughout the corps as to who would succeed the late and lamented General Jackson in command of the same. There were, of course, many surmises and much speculation on the subject. Early's division, firmly attached to their former commander, knowing and appreciating his valor and soldier-like qualities, espoused the cause of their favorite chieftain, Gen. R. S. Ewell, and, encouraged by the fact that Gen. Jackson, the sagacious and valiant leader, had in his last moments designated him as a proper successor, felt sanguine as to the result. Nor were they doomed to disappointment. On yesterday reliable information reached camp of his promotion; to-day he arrived, and, as might have been supposed, was received more warmly and cordially. Lieut. Gen. Hill, Gen. Early, and the many officers of the army to whom he has during his military career endeared himself, were present to greet the hero once more returned to the service of his country. Gen. Hays's Louisiana brigade was present in martial review to receive him, and claimed the honor of escorting their former and favorite commander to his temporary abode. Amidst deafening cheers and the rolling sounds of martial music he was once more ushered into active service. May an all-wise Providence shield him, and give victory to the cause of which he is so glorious a champion.

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