Thursday, September 5, 2013


SABINE PASS, Texas - The Battle of Sabine Pass will be reenacted on the weekend of September 7 & 8 at the actual battlefield about 30 miles south of Port Arthur, Texas.

The event marks the Sesquicentennial of the battle, when, on Sept. 8, 1863, a Federal fleet of some 22 gunboats and transports and about 5,000 troops tried to invade Texas. A small contingent of 47 mostly Irish-Texans under the command of 1st Lt. Richard W. "Dick" Dowling of Company F, 1st Texas Heavy Artillery, stopped the fleet with six old cannons. Two Federal gunboats were disabled and the rest of the fleet repulsed and sent back to its starting point, the New Orleans area. About 50 Federal soldiers and sailors were killed or missing, 350 captured, along with the two disabled gunboats. 

Please stop by registration at the Community Center when you arrive. You can't miss it. If you arrive in the wee hours, proceed on to the site. There will be signs directing you to the camps once you enter the battleground and staff will be present.
Thursday; Friday the 5th; 6th     Participant; Vendor Arrival, Site Prep,; Setup
Saturday 9-7-13                          
  7:00           All vehicles; trailers out of period areas       
  8:00           Officers Call
  8:30           Artillery Drill; Safety Inspections
  9:00           Gates open to the public            
 10:00          Court Martial; Execution
 11:00          150th Anniversary Memorial Ceremony
                     Lone Star Pipe Band
                     Color Guards
                     Speaker: Historian Edward Cotham
                     Speaker: State Rep. James White
                     Rifle and Artillery Salutes
  2:00           Battle:    Union Attack & Occupation of Sabine City   
  3:00           Jed Marum in Concert
  6:00           Catered BBQ for Reenactors (Not Public)
  7:00           Dance: 3rd Texas String Band, Awards (Not Public)
Sunday 9-8-13       
  7:00           All vehicles; trailers out of period areas 
  8:00           Formal Posting of the Colors; Officers Call
  9:00           Gates open to the public            
  9:00           Church Service
 10:00          Court Martial; Execution
 11:00          Jed Marum in Concert
  2:00           Battle:  Union attack on the Garrison at Sabine City
Registration, the art show; relic museum will be at the Sabine Pass Community Center.
Spectator parking will be at the high school stadium with free shuttles running to the battleground.
Reenactor, staff, motorcycle, and special needs only parking at the battleground.

Due the tight parking, here will be a designated area to drop artillery and horse trailers. If you are "motel militia" and don't have a lot of gear to carry, please consider using the shuttles.

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