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Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform
and musket. (Liljenquist Family Collection,
Library of Congress)
The Richmond Daily Dispatch
Feb. 9, 1864.
--The Twelfth Va. Regiment has re-enlisted for the war. Upon dress parade the following order from Major J. R. Lewellen, commanding, was read to the regiment
Headquarters 12th Va. Infantry, Feb.3, 1864.
General Orders, No. 18.
           Comrades: In this and the other armies of our Confederacy a movement is being made which, if successful, will offer to the world the most sublime moral spectacle of the age.
          The veterans, east and west, of those armies whose gallantry has made our plains histories, are pressing forward to renew their views of devotion to our cause, and I feel it to be my duty, this evening, to call upon you to be the first Virginia troops to speak.
          Too intelligent to render explanation of the results of such action necessary — too patriotic to need exhortation — you will, I am sure, respond unanimously to the call.
           When peace has crowned our efforts, and we look back on trouble as a forgotten dream, this victory over hardship and self love will be reckoned first among the triumphs of the war.
          Soldiers: the old flag that has been your battle star since Seven Pines, is planted on the thresh-hold of a new — a more determined struggle — raily to it as in the past.
By order of 
J. Richard Lewellen,

Major Commanding 12th Va. Reg't.

After the reading of the address the regiment in a body re enlisted for the war.

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