Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lexington SCV Rally a Success!

The Sons of Confederate Veterans  held a successful rally Saturday, July 26, in Hopkins Green Park and Holiday Inn in Lexington, Virginia,  in protest over Washington and Lee University's removal of Confederate battle flags from the Lee Memorial  Chapel, where General Robert E. Lee and  his family are entombed.
      Stonewall Brigade Camp 1296, Sons of Confederate Veterans, reported that over 400 people  attended the three-hour event over the three hour period it lasted.
      Washington and Lee University has admitted university police required four people to remove Confederate flags, or apparel with the forbidden flag's image, before they were allowed on campus to visit the Lee Memorial Chapel, during the July 26 rally in Lexington, according to Virginia Flaggers. A 15-year-old member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans reportedly had to remove his shirt, which showed the SCV logo, and turn it inside out, remove his cap and a name badge, which also showed the forbidden Confederate banner.
       The university had at first denied the incident took place but then had to admit it was true.
        "We never ONCE doubted the honesty or integrity of this young man! SHAME ON Washington & Lee for trying to cover up their misconduct, and for impugning the character of a 15 year old boy! HE told the truth.  THEY did not.  Is it any wonder such men have no regard for the honor and integrity of Robert E. Lee?", Virginia Flaggers said in their story.
      The Stonewall Brigade Camp has reportedly demanded an apology from the university president for the incident. 

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