Monday, December 7, 2015

Lee Circle, New Orleans
Threatened by extremists in New Orleans city govt.
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Dear Sirs,

As you may know, on Thursday, December 10, 2015 the New Orleans City Council will vote on an ordinance to tear down three Confederate monuments in New Orleans including the General Robert E. Lee Monument on Lee Circle, the General P. G. T. Beauregard Monument to Beauregard Circle and Esplanade Avenue, and the Jefferson Davis Monument on the corner of Jefferson Davis Parkway and Canal Street.  The ordinance also includes tearing down the Liberty Place Monument which the City of New Orleans also considers a monument to the Confederacy.

Beauregard Camp No. 130 has been working very closely with another local non-profit organization, the Monumental Task Committee ("MTC"), to try to convince the City to vote against the ordinance and to preserve our monuments.  The MTC has been cleaning, renovating, and preserving all of the monuments in New Orleans for 25 years including all of the City's Confederate monuments.

The email message from the MTC following this email includes guidance on how you can help to preserve the monuments to our Confederate veterans in New Orleans  Donations may also be made to the Beauregard Camp No. 130 and earmarked for the preservation of the Confederate monuments in New Orleans  Please email me for additional details.

Sam Wheeler
Beauregard Camp No. 130
P. O. Box 145
Arabi LA, 70032
From: Mason, Geary []
Sent: Sunday, December 06, 2015 8:15 PM
To: Mason, Geary (New Orleans)
Subject: Monumental Supporters -- City Council to VOTE on REMOVAL
Dear Fellow Monument Supporters,
The monument issue has been officially added to the City Council's agenda.  This means the City Council will be VOTING on Thursday, December 10 on whether to remove the monuments.
What you can do NOW to fight the removal of the monuments
  • DONATE to the preservation of monuments HERE.  All donations are tax deductible.
  • EMAIL AND CALL THE MAYOR AND YOUR COUNCIL MEMBER (contact info available at the bottom of this email). Express your support to keep all monuments!  If you do nothing, they will assume you do not care.  This City has a big enough heart to accommodate ALL monuments and ADD MORE!
  • If you haven't already done so SIGN THE PETITION going to the Mayor and City Council by clicking HERE.
  • FORWARD this email to your friends and monument supporters.
UPCOMING EVENTS - We are down to the wire and need all hands on deck...
Tuesday, December 8 -- 5:30p - 7:00p
Attend the MTC special meeting of all members and supporters at Parlay's, 870 Harrison Ave (map). Where we will bring everyone up to date and layout our plan of action. All are encouraged to attend.
Thursday, December 10 -- City Council Meeting starts at 10:00am, the vote is expected to take place around 2:00pm.
IMPORTANT: Attend the City Council Meeting at City Hall where the Council is expected to VOTE.  We have been informed that the public will have approximately one minute each to make a comment for the record.
Thanks again for your support of New Orleans' historic monuments!
The Monumental Task Committee
Join Our Mailing List Today!
Monumental Task Committee, Inc.
Twitter: @monumentaltask
Mayor Mitch Landrieu
1300 Perdido St, 2nd floor
New Orleans, LA 70112

Stacy Head
Council member-at-large
(504) 658-1060

Jason Rogers Williams
Council member-at-large
(504) 658-1070

Susan Guidry
District A
(504) 658-1010

LaToya Cantrell
District B
(504) 658-1020

Nadine Ramsey
Distrct C
(504) 658-1030

Jared Brossett
District D
(504) 658-1040

James Austin Gray
District E
(504) 658-1050

Click HERE to become a member of the Monumental Task Committee -- click down to the bottom of the Get Involved page.  This is important!  Your support will make a difference.

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