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HISTORY AS IT HAPPENED-- The First Battle of Manassas, Aftermath

[The Richmond Daily Dispatch]

Pvt. William Baxter Ott, Co. I, 4th Va. Inf.
Killed in action July 21, 1861.
(Liljenquist Family Collection, Library of Congress)
Killed and wounded at the battle of Stone Bridge, Sunday, July 21st.
The following is a partial list of killed and wounded obtained from officers and privates at Manassas by a correspondent of the Enquirer:
Second Virginia Regiment.
Colonel Nelson, mortally wounded.
Botts' Greys--Private Manning, mortally wounded; private Timberlake, mortally wounded; private Eiscler, mortally wounded; private Middlekeff, slightly wounded.
Fourth Virginia Regiment.
Rockbridge Grays--Private Goolsby, mortally wounded; private Cox, mortally wounded; private Marstella, slightly wounded.
Montgomery Fencibles--Lieut. Langhorn, slightly wounded.
Fourth Alabama Regiment.
Lieutenant John Simpson, Company H, probably killed. Privates James Jackson, of Florence, wounded; Tom Kirkham, of Florence, wounded; Colonel Jones, severely wounded; Lieutenant Laws. wounded; Major Scott, wounded; Chas. Weem, wounded.
Second Virginia Regiment.
Captain Roan, mortally wounded; Captain Clarke, slightly wounded; Captain Chambers, killed; Private Scott Dishman, Company C, killed; Private Palmgrate, Company C, killed; Private Sam Ritter, Company C, wounded; Private C. Whiting, Company C, wounded; Private Mead, Clarke county, Company F, wounded.
Washington Artillery, of New Orleans.
Sergeant Joshua Reynolds, killed, struck in forehead by a shell, while giving word of command; Private John Payne, wounded; Private Crutcher, wounded.
Hampton Legion, of S. C.
Col.Hampton, wounded; Lieut. Col. Johnson, killed; Lieut. Egan, of Davis Guards, killed; Private Coutrie, WashingtonLight Infantry, Charleston, wounded; Private Bouknight, Watson Guards, slightly wounded; Private Brown, Washington Guards, slightly wounded.
Col. Sloan's 4th S. C. Regiment.
Corporal W. A. Young, of Capt Hollinsworth's company, killed, and Capt. Poole, mortally wounded.
20 Va. Regiment--Col. Allen's.
E. O. Burgess, Company F, killed; Issac N. Glaize, Company F. killed; William Young, Company F, killed; Lloyd Powell, Company F, killed; Capt. Clarke, Company F, wounded; William Glen, wounded; Strother Barton, wounded; Richard Meade, wounded; William Hobson, wounded; Chas Mitchell, mortally wounded;--Kidd, wounded.
30th Va Regiment.
Captain Winston Radford, from Bedford, of Radford's Rangers, killed; Edley Irvin, same company, killed; Private Fuqua, Clay Dragoons, Company A, Radford Rangers, killed; Corp'l C. Turpin, wounded, same company.
Col. Cash's 8th South Carolina Regiment.
Lieut. Cook, Company H, wounded; Capt. Harrington, Company G. wounded; Private Cook, Company G, wounded; Private Long, Company G, wounded; Private White, Company C, killed; Private Eilaby, Company C, wounded.
Private Dixon, Company F, killed.
Capt. Harrington, of Company G, (Colonel Cash's South Carolina Regiment) captured Hon. Mr. Ely, or Early, a member of the U. S. Congress, from Rochester District, N. Y.--an amateur fighter.
Twenty-right Virginia Regiment, Col. R. T. Preston.
Company B--Capt R. C. Runnels and private Z F Nutter, slightly wounded.
Capt. Kent's Company--First Lieutenant R. W. Saunders, wounded; Ed. Langhorne, killed.
General Kirby Smith, of Regular Army, was only wounded and not killed as at first reported.
Colonel R. T. Preston took Colonel Wilcox, of the Michigan regiment, one captain and three privates prisoners, with his own hands.
Gen. Johnston's Staff.
Colonel Thomas, killed; Colonel Mason, wounded.
Gen Bee's Staff.
Colonel C. H.Stevens, wounded.
Sixth North Carolina Regiment.
Col. Fisher, killed.
An estimate of the killed and wounded, by the Chief Military Surgeon at Gen. Beauregard's Headquarters, on the part of our army, places the amount at 300 to 400 killed, and 1000 to 1200 wounded.
On the part of the enemy, from 6,000 to 7,000 killed and wounded.

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