Wednesday, August 31, 2016

HISTORY AS IT HAPPENED -- News Trickles In About Second Battle of Manassas, Va.

[The Richmond Daily Dispatch, Sept. 1, 1862]

Two rugged Confederates
(6th Plate Ambrotype, M.D. Joones Collection)
A member of Congress, who came down on the Central train yesterday afternoon says that the Baltimore Sun, of Thursday, had been received in the Valley, in which it was stated that our forces had captured at Manassas, on Wednesday, five trains of cars loaded with provisions, and that later on the same day five other trains, on board of which were some two thousand Yankee troops. This affair was commented upon by the Yankee press as very discreditable to their commander, and some harsh reflections as to his fitness for his position indulged.
     Our own account of this affair reports that a portion of our cavalry had advanced on the Orange and Alexandria railroad to Bull Run bridge, about five miles beyond Manassas, and having burned the bridge continued their advance to Dye's Station, where they concealed themselves, and arrested the approach of a number of trains of which they had previously received information. After the trains passed the concealed position of the cavalry the track was torn up behind them. When they reached the bridge, the officers on board finding that something was wrong, determined to return to Alexandria, but before backing far they found the track torn up, and their retreat effectually intercepted.--The cavalry then approached in superior numbers, and the enemy surrendered without firing a gun. The number of prisoners reported captured agrees with the statement of the Sun, being estimated at 2,000, together with all the officers, regimental and company, and a quantity of arms and ammunition which were being conveyed to Gen. Pope. After this brilliant affair the cavalry returned to Manassas, without sustaining the loss of a single man.
     Some fifteen hundred to two thousand Yankee prisoners were yesterday between Rapidan Station and Gordonsville, and may be expected in this city to-day. It is supposed that these are the prisoners captured at Dye's Station by our cavalry.

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