Tuesday, January 19, 2010


CHATTANOOGA, TN. -- Living history leaders representing 12,000 reenactors announced Tuesday, Jan. 19, their reenactment groups have picked 10 events to support for the observance of the 150th anniversary of the War For Southern Independence, 2011-2015.

The Civil War 150th National Leadership Convention met at Chickamauga, Ga. earlier in January to select the events to support with 75 representatives present.

The schedule is as follows:
2011 -- First Battle of Manassas, Virginia; and the Battle of Shioh, Tennessee.
2012 -- Second Battle of Manassas; Virginia;  Battle of Vicksburg, Mississippi.
2013 -- Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia; Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
2014 -- Battle of the Wilderness, Virginia; Battle of Atlanta, Georgia.
2015 -- Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina; Battle of Appomatox, Virginia.

What happened to the major battles in Trans-Mississippi? Among those being left out by this group include Battle of Oak Hills, Mo. in 1861; Battle of Elk Horn Tavern, Ark. in 1862; Siege of Port Hudson, La., 1863; Battle of Sabine Pass, Texas, 1863; Battle of Mansfield and Pleasant Hill, La., 1864; Battle of Palmetto Hills (Ranch), Texas 1865, among many others. Apparently the reenactors and reenactment groups of the Trans-Mississippi will be on their own for 150th anniversary reenactments. Should they support those in the east? — Editor's Opinion

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Tk101 said...

We re-enactors from west of the Mississippi. Have recently returned from the 150th battle of Gettysburg. Also we have traveled east to do Shiloh, Fredericksburg, Raymond, Vicksburg, Sharpsburg, Harpers Ferry, and will be traveling here soon to Chickamauga. We hardly get anyone from the far east to come out to the Western Theater and we would like for them to come and support us as we have them. We have coming up next year the Red River Campaign and will be working on events in Arkansas. So any or all support will be greatly appreciated.

Capt. Taylor
2nd Ark. Inf.