Sunday, January 24, 2010

Captain J.W. Bryan Camp 1390 SCV, Lee-Jackson Banquet 2010

Installation officers of Captain Bryan Camp at the Lee-Jackson Banquet 2010 (Photo by LukeJones)

Captain JamesW. Bryan Camp 1390 held its annual Lee-Jackson Banquet 2010 Saturday, 30 January, at Pat's of Henderson Restaurant in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The event was an outstanding success with 36 persons in attendance.

Frederick Adolphus, commander of Maj. Jesse Cooper Camp, SCV, DeRidder, La., was the guest speaker and installed the 2010 officers for Captain Bryan camp. He spoke on the last battle of the War For Southern Independence, the Battle of Palmetto Ranch, near Brownsville, Texas, on 12 May 1865. The engagement was a complete success for the Confederates, led by Col. John "Rip" Ford, who completely routed the Federals.

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