Monday, February 15, 2010


A recent announcement by a coalition of reenactment groups representing 12,000 reenactors, recently announced a series of reenactments of the 150th Anniversary of  the War For Southern Independence, all east of the Mississippi River. Thankfully now a group, Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Foundation announced it will sponsor a reenactment of the Wilson's Cree/Oak Hills battle which occurred in Missouri 10 Aug. 1861. The battle was called Wilson's Creek by the North and Oak Hills by the South.

It is good to see some activity on 150th anniversary reenactments of Trans-Mississippi battles. Here is the information given on the group's web site:

Wilson's Creek Reenactment Planned for 2011

The Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Foundation has begun planning a maximum-effort Civil War reenactment to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Wilson’s Creek. The reenactment will take place during the weekend of August 12-14, 2011.

Excitement is already building for the Civil War sesquicentennial, and as the second major battle of the war, Wilson’s Creek compels a great deal of attention in the reenactment community. The Western Division of the Blue-Gray Alliance, a reenactor organization, will help design battle scenarios and handle all military aspects of the reenactment.

Due to the high level of interest, the Blue-Gray Alliance anticipates that this will be a well-attended event, with more than 3,000 reenactors and huge crowds of spectators. Although a location has not yet been selected, it will be held as close to Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield as possible. Watch for more details and updates on the Foundation web site at

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