Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The Richmond Dispatch
February 16, 1861

The new Louisiana Republic Flag flew for the first time Feb. 12, 1861.
(M. Jones collection)
Louisiana intelligence.

New Orleans, Feb. 12.

The new flag of Louisiana, ordered by the Convention, was unfurled to-day from the dome of the City Hall. The military were out in strong force on Lafayette Square, and formed a line opposite the City Hall. The flag was raised by Mayor Munro, amidst the huzzas of the multitude. The greatest enthusiasm was exhibited. The troops were reviewed by the Convention, and complimented on their efficiency and imposing appearance.

Judge Robertson, Commissioner from Virginia, was received in the Convention to-day.

The flag of Louisiana consists of thirteen stripes, in blue, red and white, with a yellow star on a red field. It is considered very handsome.

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