Sunday, February 27, 2011


Richmond Daily Dispatch
February 27, 1861

Confederate soldier
(Library of Congress)
 --The Southern papers are full of items concerning the warlike preparations in the Confederated States. There are three powder mills in PickensDistrict, S. C., turning out some 50 kegs a day. A firm in Savannah has contracted for 3,000 shot and shell for South Carolina, and another firm, in Mobile, is casting cannon balls, grape, &c. A company of 70 recruits, for the South Carolina army, passed through Augusta, Ga., on the 23d inst., from Tennessee. For the regular army of Georgia, recruiting is going on all over that State. In Athens a company of 40 had been enlisted up to the close of last week. The volunteers in Fort Pulaski are to be discharged, and the new regulars substituted for them. The Columbus Times publishes a letter from a delegate to the Southern Congress, in which he says:

"We intend to put the strongest force in the field which can be raised, and the President will accept from the States all the men that may be tendered. They will be received with their own officers, but the President must settle all questions of rank and position under the authority of Congress. My information is, that Davis will endeavor to secure for the officers of the U. S. Army, who have resigned, the best positions first, upon the ground that they are experienced and capable. There has, as yet, been nothing done by the Congress as to the raising of troops, except, possibly, in committee. We are delaying much time over the most trivial matters. We have a set of new men, uninformed upon the laws of the United States, and all anxious to speak."

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