Thursday, July 28, 2011


New Orleans Daily True Delta

July 28, 1861
     A splendid flag, presented to the French Legion by Mme. Gueble, was consecrated last evening on Jackson square. The flag is of rich silk, and a combination of the ensigns of France and Louisiana. The field in the upper corner exhibits the French tri-color, the state start emblazoned on the centre bar. The balance of the flag represents the red, yellow and blue stars of the Louisiana flag. Over all, in exquisite embroidery, is the inscription: "Legion Francaise, July, 1861." For the consecration a splendid canopy had been erected, of cloth striped with white, red and yellow. It rested in the rear on the statue of Jackson and in front was artistically ornamented with flags.
     Punctually at 5 o'clock the French Legion marched into the square and took their position around the canopy. They presented a splendid and soldier-like appearance, over six hundred strong, as well as we could estimate. They are entirely unnaturalized citizens of the French empire, residing in New Orleans, and are commanded by Major Albin Rochereau. They were escorted by the veterans of 1814-15, who carried their tattered and blood-baptized flag, and by the Swiss Guard.
     There were the godfather and godmother of the flag, and four young ladies dressed in white, who were accompanied by four soldiers and colored porters with contribution-boxes. A brilliant address was delivered in French by the Rev. Abbe Porche, after which the flag was consecrated by Archbishop Odin. In ever respect the spectacle was imposingly grand.

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