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Col. Alfred Mouton of the 18th
La. Inf. was among the wounded
on the second day of the Battle
of Shiloh, April 7, 1862.
(Mouton House, Lafayette, La.)
New Orleans Daily True Delta

April 20, 1862

          The Battle of Monday -- Gen. Beauregard's Dispatches to the War Department. We copy the following from the Richmond Enquirer of the 10th
         Adjutant-General Cooper received dispatches from Gen. Beauregard yesterday, stating that on Sunday night, Buell, with his force, had come up rallied and strengthened the routed Yankee column, under Grant; and that on Monday morning he gave battle to be combined forces, and engaged them until one o'clock, when he thought prudent to retire, which he did in good order. He fell back to Corinth, being compelled to abandon to the enemy a portion of the arms, stores and ammunition, captured on the 6th.
          A dispatch to one of the members of the House, giving later intelligence, states that Van Dorn with his army had effected a junction with Beauregard, and that the hero of Manassas and Shiloh was being rapidly reinforced by large additions from other quarters. He expects to give the Yankees another brush at no distant day.
          The following may be relied upon as the substance of a dispatch received at the War Department on yesterday, from Gen. G. T. Beauregard, dated at Corinth. The last paragraph is the extant language of the dispatch:
          Having defeated Gen. Grant's army, driving him from all his positions, and, taking his artillery, commissary stores, camp equipage, great quantities of ammunition, &c., on Sunday night following the day of battle, General Buell came up with his army, and crossing the river during the night, attacked our positions near the river vigorously the next morning. Our forces held these positions until one o'clock, when in conformity with Gen. Johnston's plan to fall back upon Corinth after defeating Gen. Grant, I directed our forces to retire to the line.
          The only matter for regret is that I could not secure all the immense amount of stores, artillery, ammunition, &c., which fell into our possession after the victory of the 6th.

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