Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pleasant Hill Reenactment 2012 photos by Mike Jones

Here are some of the pictures I took at the 2012 Pleasant Hill reenactment on Saturday, April 14. On that day they were reenacting a scenario based on the Battle of  Mansfield, April 8, 1864. The weather was good and the reenactment was excellent.

This is an excellent reproduction of the 12th Louisiana Infantry battle flag.

Learning the fine points of stacking arms.

Entertainment on the porch of the historic dogtrot house
that was part of the  original battle.

The Confederates open fire in Saturday's battle reenactment.

The rear rank of the Confederate battle line.

This caison is ready to roll.

The Federal battle line waving "Old Glory."

The "Southern Cross" also waved proudly at Pleasant Hill.

The Confederate Navy was also reprexented
at the reenactment.

This Confederate cavalryman stands proudly with this
beautiful war horse.

The Confederates were triumphant at the end of the
reenactment, driving the Union Army off the field.

Reenactors gave the public a great
visualization of both1860s miliatry and

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