Saturday, December 25, 2010

150-Years-AGO -- CHRISTMAS DAY 1860

Christmas tree at Windsor Castle/Library of Congress
The Charleston Mercury
Tuesday, December 25, 1860.
     A merry Christmas to our readers. We are always glad to  greet the recurrence of this good, old-fashioned festival. The thousand happy associations -- social, domestic, religious -- that cluster around the day, make it dear to the heart, and invest its celebration with a joyful character which few can look upon with indifference. But doubly should the Christmas time now be welcome to the people of South Carolina. It has brought them honor, security and independence. They have nobly led the van in the great battle for Southern rights, and it may be fairly said that they have won the victory. They have awakened the sense of wrong in every Southern State, and the mutterings of the coming storm are now heard from Maryland to Texas. The thraldom of the South to her insolent confederates will cease with the year eighteen hundred and sixty. Already the morn of her destiny is breaking. Let us hope that ere another Christmas shall come round, the work that we have begun a rich, powerful and harmonious Southern Confederacy.

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