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Charleston Mercury
19 December 1860

St. Andrew's Hall, Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. --
 scene of the Secession Convention.
(Library of Congress)
Delegates to the Convention are hereby notified that the place of meeting will be at St. Andrew's Hall, in Broad-street.

     The Convention--With the Convention, the Legislature, and the crowd of strangers who are in attendance upon both. Charleston is now full of animation. The hotels are overflowing, and everybody is in good spirits at the early propect of independence.
     By the notice elsewhere in our columns, it will be seen that St. Andrew's Hall has been selected as the best arranged room for the purposes of the Convention. The body will assemble there this morning at eleven o'clock.

      Christy's Minstrels are doing wonders in Charleston. Everybody goes to see them, and whowever sees them once, is sure to go again. "Dixie," as given by them, is positively refreshing.
     We learn the Christy's intend giving the new Governor of South Carolina a serenade some evening this week. The night will be duly  announced in the Mercury.

     Presentation of a Color to the Vigilant Rifles -- We take great pleasure in announcing that this efficient corps of firemen and soldiers are to have presented to them, this afternoon, a Company Flag. The Rifles will assemble at their Engine House, in State-street, at three o'clock, p.m., and from thence proceed through Queen and Meeting-streets to the Charleston Hotel, where they will be received by the Washington Light Infantry, their escort. After the battalion line is formed, right resting on Hayne-street, the Companies will march by sections down Meeting-street to the South Carolina Hall, where the ceremonies will take place. After which the battalion will march through the principal streets.

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