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150-YEARS-AGO -- Louisiana Military Preparations Underway

[Excerpts from UT Tyler Digital Archives]

SUGAR PLANTER [WEST BATON ROUGE, LA], December 1, 1860, p. 2, c. 1
A meeting of the members of the Infantry Company, raised above the Court House, will meet to-day at the Court House, for the purpose of electing officers, deciding upon a uniform, equipments, &c.  Let every member be present.  We anticipate a large and enthusiastic meeting. 
SUGAR PLANTER [WEST BATON ROUGE, LA], December 8, 1860, p. 2, c. 5
The Military Spirit on Saturday Last.—Last Saturday, at the Court House, was witnessed one of the most spirited meetings ever held in the parish.  It being the day selected for the election of officers for the rifle company, and to perfect its organization, a large crowd assembled at the appointed place at ten o'clock. . . The balloting for officers then commenced, which resulted as follows:  H. M. Favrot, Captain; Octave M. LeBlanc, 1st Lieutenant. . . The uniform of the company will be neat, and we may say, handsome; being something of the Zouave pattern, and will be got ready as soon as possible.  If arms can be procured from the State in time, it is anticipated to have the first full dress parade on the 22d February next. . . 
SUGAR PLANTER [WEST BATON ROUGE, LA], December 22, 1860, p. 2, c. 1
A New Company.—The military spirit we are glad to see, is spreading all over the country.  Another company was organized in Baton Rouge on Saturday night last.  The members are all young men of high social position, and have entered into the spirit of the thing with a vim.  They have elected as officers—J. K. Duncan, Captain; James H. Stith, 1st Lieutenant; and Thos. G. Morgan, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant. 

[Editor's Note: Henry M. Favrot's company became Compay F (Formerly Company C) Delta Rifles, of the 4th Louisiana Infantry Regiment. He later became lieutenant colonel of the 2nd Louisiana Cavalry (State Guards).  Octave M. LeBlanc was first lieutenant of  the Delta Rifles and resigned Aug. 21, 1861. No more could be found on J.K. Duncan's company, but Johnson K. Duncan was a major in the 1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery Regiment and was promoted to colonel in the Provisional Army of the Confederate States of America. James H. Stith became a first lieutenant of Company B of the 1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery and died of sickness in 1862. Thomas Gibbs Morgan became a 2nd lieutenant and then captain in Company C of the 7th Louisiana Infantry Regiment. Morgan died Jan. 21, 1864 as a P.O.W. on Johnson Island, Ohio.]

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