Thursday, April 21, 2011

150-years-ago -- Tiger Rifles Formed

The New Orleans Daily True Delta
April 21, 1861

A Tiger Rifles drummer by
A.C. Redwood, Century
New Orleans Tiger Rifles

Alexander White - Captain
Robert Teller - First Lieutenant
James Brown - Second Lieutenant.
Robert Hawkins -  First Sergeant.
Charles Lewis - Second Sergeant
Peter J. Hackett - Third Sergeant.
Joseph Cooper - Fourth Sergeant.
Joseph Flemmaker (?) - First Corporal
William Keler (?) - Second Corporal.
Michael Welch - Third Corporal.
Robert Bristor - Fourth Corporal.
S.P. Dushane - Quartermaster.
Robert Cumming - Secretary.
Seventy-Two Privates.
     Rendevous No. 29 Front Levee, where a few more able-bodied men will be received.
     Captain White was all through the Mexican war, and also an officer in hard service of the U.S.Army for five years.

[Editor's note: This was a preliminary  roster of commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers. In the final roster White was captain, Thomas Adrian, first lieutenant, Edward Hewitt and S.P Dushane, second lieutenants. This company became Company B, 1st Special Battalion Louisiana Volunteers commanded by Major R.C. Wheat. The company became famous for its zouave uniforms and heorics at the First Battle of Manassas. Another advertisement stated Captain White spent five years in the U.S. Navy.]

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