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150-years-ago -- Volunteers Assemble in New Orleans

The New Orleans Daily True Delta
April 18, 1861

An early war New Orleans volunteer.
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     Col. Wheat Oraganizing a Company. - It will be seen, by reference to a notice in another column, that the well-known and gallant Col. R.C. Wheat is now in the city, and has opened a rendezvous at 64 St. Charles street, with a view of raising a company for immediate and active service. The notice is sufficient, we think, to fill the ranks of Col. Wheat in twenty-four hours.
[Editor's Note: Wheat was a famous soldier of fortune and Mexican War veteran. He became a major  in command of the famed 1st Special Battalion Louisiana Volunteers.]

     Attention, Volunteers!
     The under-signed has opened a Rendezvous at 64 St. Charles street, first floor, up stairs, for the purpose of forming a company of VOLUNTEERS for active service. The time for action has now arrived. Let the chivalry of the city and State, then, rally to the standard of the Southern Confederacy. - R.C. Wheat.

     The Walker Guards.
     This compnay held an election last night,  which resulted in the unanimous choice of R.A. Harris as captain, and Wm. H. Kaennon 2d lieutenant.
     We understand the boys wish to form a battalion under their old major.
[Editor's note: This company, made up of veteran filibusters who had fought under William Walker in Nicarauga, became Company A of Wheat's battalion.]
The Delta Rifles.
     In another column will be found a call for those who wish to volunteer and join the "Delta Rifles." This corps has been initiated, and carried through so far, in as spirited a manner as any company in town, and now has upon its roll as fine a body of men as could be selected. But the company is not as perfect as its officers, desire, and hence, the call for volunteers. We recommend with pleasure this company of volunteers. The captain, H. Breen, we are assured is of the right stamp of men. First Lieut. H.C. Gardner we know to be an officer whom men will follow to the death, for he is gallant, brave, and good-hearted. The rendezvous of the company will be assertained by referring to the official notice.
[Editor's note: The Delta Rifles became Company C of Wheat's battalion.]

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