Friday, August 12, 2011

150-Years-Ago -- The Lone Star Rifles pass through Louisiana

Members of the 1st Texas Infantry in their 1861 Winter quarters.
(Photographic History of the Civil War)
The  New Orleans True Delta
August 13, 1861

     Movement of Texas Troops - From Mr. Geo. Gordon, of Texas, who arrived this morning, we learn some particulars of the movement of the Texas troops.
     The Lone Star Rifles [Co. L, 1st Texas Infantry], Capt. A.C. McKeen, from Galveston, have marched through the swamps to New Iberia - a distance of 150 miles - and will arrive in this city on Wednesday. They are a fine body of young men, and number 100 rank and file - and anxious to take a hand in the fight. Mr. Gordon met them trudging along, some barefooted and others with their boots in the hands, but still in the best of spirits. This is the third time that Capt. McKeen has made an effort to reach Virginia, but the citizens of Galveston have always persuaded him to hold on until now. Along the route they have been received with the utmost kindness, and in Lafayette they were making strenuous efforts to send out all the available carts and wagons to help them along.
     The camp at Harrisburg was to move on to Virginia to-day. They number 2000, and are splendid fighting men, accustomed to the saddle and the rifle from childhood, and will give a good account of themselves wherever they meet the enemy.
      The crops in Texas are magnificent; nothing like it has ever been seen in the state - corn and cotton in profusion.

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