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An unidentified Confederate volunteer.
(Library of Congress)

New Orleans Sunday True Delta
January 12, 1861

Telegraphed to the True Delta.
Affairs At Baton Rouge
Capitulation of Major Haskins.
Difficulty Among the State Troops.
Hopes of an Adjustment
New Orleans Troops Returning Home.

Dispatch No. 1.
   Baton Rouge, Jan. 11, p.m. -- Major Haskins commanding at the arsenal, capitulated today at 12 o'clock, and evacuated the ordinance department of the barracks. The officers' quarters are still occupied by the U. States forces, but will be delivered up when proper conveyance can be procured to take them away. The companies from New Orleans now hold possession of the arsenal and barracks. Some of the Baton Rouge companies deemed themselves slighted by not being sen to take charge of the place, and intimated that they would disband. This has caused great excitement here, and crowds are now at the street corners, using the most inflammatory language, denouncing Governor Moore in no measured terms.
   It is hoped that the disbanded Baton Rouge companies, will be consolidated to-night, and that good feeling will be restored.
Dispatch No. 2.
   Baton Rouge, January 11, p.m. -- Three companies have disbanded, the country companies retiring in high dudgeon. The Pelican, Creole and Gross Tete companies are mentioned among the disaffected. The greatest excietement still prevails.
   Three companies, it is expected, will leave for New Orleans to-night -- the Orleans Cadets, the Sarsfield Guards and the Chasseurs. The other companies from the city will leave on Saturday night. It is now understood that the volunteer troops of Baton Rouge will take charge of the arsenal and barracks.

The Richmond Dispatch
January 12, 1861

An engagement expected.
Charleston, dispatch to the Courier, from Montgomery, Ala., says:
"Fort Pike has been taken by Louisiana.
"The Federal troops have stationed all the forts in Pensacola harbor except Fort Pickens, where they have concentrated. Three hundred men have left Mobile to surprise Fort Pickens."
[Second Dispatch.]
New Orleans Jan. 11.
--Forts Jackson and St. Phillips, on the Mississippi, and Fort Pike, at the entrance of Lake Pontchartrain, have been seized by New Orleans troops. There was no resistance.

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