Friday, January 28, 2011


The Charleston Mercury
January 28, 1861
Page 1

The first South Carolina flag adopted 150-years-ago looked
something like this.
Our Flag
   On Saturday last both Houses of the General Assembly finally concurred in the design of the flag which is hereafter to represent the Sovereign State of South Carolina. The field is dark blue. Upon the upper inner corner of theflag is the crescent, in white, the horns pointing upward. In the mddle of the flag is an oval, in white, emblazoned with a golden palmetto, upright. The cut we present will give and idea of the porportions of the new ensign.
   No Federal Troops
   No Federal troops shall ever enter Virginia to operate against the South! Such was the solemn declaration of Floyd, of Virginia, long ago. Yet we seet that, contemplating the use of Federal troopsa gainst the South, the fortresses of Virginia are reinforced. Very beautiful, this! The Government of the United States, which left Harper's Ferry to the tender mercies of John Brown, arms it against Virginia herself. These fortresses,thus reinforced, are to be yielded, in March, to Abraham Lincoln. How many John Browns are to be sheltered in Virginia, under the protection of United States troops, is a question in political arithmetic, which our sister State must answer for herself. There was atime, however, when Virginia could snuff tyranny in the breeze. Does she not see it in these bayonets of the Federal Government?

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