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The Richmond Daily Dispatch
March 21, 1861

Gen. Braxton Bragg, commmander
at Pensacola, Florida.
(Library of Congress)
Movements at Pensacola.

     The Pensacola papers have some interesting items about the forts at that point. The Tribune, of the 9th, says:
     Preparations are being made for immediate service. Batteries are being erected, and orders have been given to the squadron outside that they can no longer obtain supplies of provisions and water at the Navy-Yard. Capt. O'Hara, in command at Fort McRae, is doing noble service, mounting those heavy guns, a daily report of the calibre of which is heard here at sunrise and sunset, sounding like a clap of thunder. By the way, we heard a joke in reference to them a day or two ago. During the day, Capt. O'Hara having mounted one or two of these large Columbiads, concluded to try one of them and see how they fired. Accordingly, he belched forth one of those fronting Fort Pickens, which shook everything around and awoke Pickens, which immediately beat to arms, and in a moment every gun on: that fort was manned. Col. Forney was astonished at hearing the gun fired from Fort McRae during hours, and seeing Pickens manned, sent down to inquire what was the matter; he found nothing hurt. Our boys are anxious to get at the Brooklyn. The crew of that vessel is composed almost entirely of Abolitionists, and have become very obnoxious. They have not had decency enough to treat respectfully those who were kind enough to honor them with a visit.
     We take the following from the Warrington correspondence of the Pensacola Observer of the 11th:
     Brig. General Bragg returned to Pensacola on yesterday, but will make his headquarters here.
     There seems to be more confidence prevalent this morning — the exodus of families has ceased, and many who were preparing to leave have determined on remaining until they see things looking more squally.
     The light is still continued from the light house — the keeper was only notified to stop when Col.Forney commanded him.
Confederate mortar crew at Pensacola 1861.
(Florida State Library & Archives)

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