Wednesday, March 23, 2011

150-years-ago -- SHOOTING CONTEST

[Excerpt from the UT Tyler Digital Archives]

SUGAR PLANTER [WEST BATON ROUGE, LA], March 23, 1861, p. 2, c. 1

A well armed Confederate
infantryman (Blog author's collection),
The Pelican Rifles.—This excellent body of citizen soldiery made a fine turn out in Baton Rouge on Monday last for target exercise. In their beautiful uniforms of dark green which they have just adopted, the Rifles looked as their indomitable Captain wished them to look—like true and good soldiers, every one. Their target evinced some excellent shooting, which, considering the miserable weapons the State has allowed them to use—the condemned Mississippi rifle—showed that they had practised their best under the most disadvantageous circumstances. The first prize, a beautiful gold cross was won by private Allen W. Cameron; and the second prize, a handsome gold pencil was taken by private Benny Hickman. The leather medal won by Benny last spring stirred him up to unusual energy. The Rifles are well worthy the attention of the State in matter of arms, as they have supported themselves without the slightest outside assistance since their organization, and it would be no more just that the State give them arms to suit the indomitable energy which they have displayed since their first organizing, now nearly two years since.

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