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The New Orleans Daily True Delta
March 24, 1861

Capt. Dunan N. Ingraham was one of the
first C.S. Navy appointments made by
President Davis.
(Library of Congress)
Navy of the Confederate States.-The Montgomery Advertiser of Thursday says the following officers have been appointed by the president in the navy of the Confederate States, and confirmed by the provisional Congress:

     Captains-Lawerence Rougeau, of Louisiana; Joshiah Tattnall, of Georgia; Victor M. Randolph, of Alabama; Duncan N. Ingraham, of South Carolina.
     Commanders-E. Farrand, of Florida; Thos. W. Brent, of Florida; Raphael Semmes, of Alabama; Henry J. Hartstene, of South Carolina.
     Lieutenants-F.B. Renshaw, of Pennsylvania; Jas. H. North, of South Carolina; Thos B. Huger, of South Carolina; John Rutledge, of South Carolina; C.M. Morris, of South Carolina; A.F. Warley, of South Carolina; John Kell, of Georgia; Joseph Fry, of Florida; John R. Hamilton, of South Carolina; John R. Eggleston, of Mississippi; R.T. Chapman, of Alabama; Thos. P. Pelot, of South Carolina; Wm. G. Dozier, of South Carolina; John Stribling, of South Carolina; Phillip Porcher, of South Carolina.
     Surgeons-W.A.W. Spotswood, of Virginia; W.M. F. Carrington, of Virginia; Arthur M. Lynch, of South Carolina.
     Assistant Surgeon-Charles E. Lining, of South Carolina.
     Paymasters-Wm. W.J. Kelly, of  Florida; Henry Myers, of Georgia. 

C.S.S. Alabama, commanded by Capt. Raphael Semmes.
(Library of Congress)

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