Monday, March 28, 2011

150-years-ago -- Optimism in Montgomery

The Charleston Mercury
March 28, 1861

Affairs in Montgomery,
[Special Despatch to the N.Y. Tribune.]

     Montgomery, March 22.-All discontent is gone, and the satisfaction of success beams from every face.
     The fogy States will all be absorbed during Lincoln's reign by the low tariffs and extraordinary prosperity of the Confederacy. The present tariff yields too much. The actual daily receipts are sixty thousand dollars, or twice the peace requirements of the Government. Congress will lower the rates of duties, and the people will be less taxed than any on the globe.
     The loan recently authorized called for fifteen millions of dollars, but the probable offerings will be seventy.
     New York should ask for immediate admission into the new Union. The majority of the Provisional Congress, acting under the two-thirds provision of the Constitution, can admit her.
     Montgomery, March 23-If Lincoln obstinately persists in holding the fortresses of the Confederacy, the Provisional Government will at once make war, selecting advantageous points on land and sea.

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